गुरुवार, 11 दिसंबर 2008

आतंकवाद : भारतीय मुस्लिम त्रस्त

House for Mr अली

Fri, Dec 12 03:27 AM
In a recent meeting, some 300 real estate brokers in Surat declared that they will not sell or rent houses to Muslim clients। The ostensible reason for this "boycott" is that the terrorists who attacked Mumbai had local supporters. In other words, even if the terrorists are foreign, they rely on the support of India's Muslims, all of whom, in this thesis, are suspect. Muslims have long found it hard to buy houses in urban India. Tales of discrimination now form a clear pattern of prejudice. Many middle-class Muslims find that otherwise pliant homeowners and building societies suddenly develop cold feet on learning of the buyer's religion. This is especially true in Gujarat post-2002, with segregation becoming disturbingly visible. But this is unprecedented in its brazenness.

गुजरात में ली गई यह कदम ताल आतंकवाद के मंसूबों पर पानी फेरने की है । याहू मुख प्रष्ट के पर्सपेक्टिव पर इसे पढा जा सकेगा। आज रतलाम में एक दिन बिजली बंद रख कर शहीदों के नाम दीप जलाए जाने का एलान है .......... आप भी कर दिखाए एसा कुछ जो ब्लॉग पर छा जाए ।

"दैनिक भास्कर" द्वारा मेरी पोस्टिंग "बुजदिलों का आतंक" को छापा गया आप सभी को बधाई

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